Author Outreach

Empowering research through AI-driven author engagement and lead

Key Goals and Objectives

AI-Powered Lead Generation

Capture subject-specific leads and convert prospects into authors.

Engagement & Retention​

Build relationships with prospective authors and retain existing ones.

Conversions & Analytics

Drive sales, measure campaign performance, and analyze results.

Compliance & Integrity

Ensure data protection  and build a credible author database.

Emailing Features

Intelligent Author Detection

Automatically identify and categorize potential authors based on their research and publication history

Automated Email Modules

Create and deploy customized email campaigns with ease, including automated reminders and follow-ups

Authentication and Deliverability

Ensure high email deliverability rates and avoid spam filters through robust authentication protocols

Use Cases and Machine Learning

Win Back Campaign

Re-engage inactive authors through
targeted outreach and personalized

Co-Author Analysis

Identify potential collaborations and
research partnerships based on
author networks and expertise

Content Recommendation

Leverage machine learning to suggest relevant content, journals, and research opportunities to authors

Integration and Reporting

CRM Integration

Seamlessly connect with popular CRM systems like Salesforce for enhanced lead management and tracking

Comprehensive Analytics

Access custom analytics dashboards, exportable reports, and detailed campaign progress trackers

Performance Metrics

Monitor key metrics including open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, and unsubscribe statistics

Advanced Platform Features

Parallel Campaigns

Run up to 5 campaigns per day, maximizing outreach efficiency

Multi-Zone Scheduling

Optimize email delivery times across different time zones for global reach

A/B Testing and Templates

Refine your approach with A/B testing and support for multiple email templates

Case Studies