Powering Data Driven Publishing

Molecular Connections’ flagship platform MC INSIGHTS® brings to you the power of human-in-the-loop AI to transform your publishing life cycle, making the journey efficient, metadata reusable and content discoverable

"AI-assisted platform for editorial workflow, including content enrichment, ensuring reusability and consistency of the metafdata and making editorial decisions efficient and precise. "

The solution allows for Semantic Data Enrichment along with assisted modules for real-time metadata attribution and standardization, paving way for numerous content driven applications including recommending the right journal, recommending reviewers, insights into the novelty of the content and much more.


Actionable insights are just a click away

Platforms that power

MC Miner

Tailored, methodical and a multicomponent solution for named entity recognition, disambiguation and standardization, paving way for creating integration ready knowledge bases.


A state of the art utility that aids in deciding the most probable fit for a potential manuscript. Acts as an automated transfer desk and cuts down decision times efficiently.

MC Lexicon

ML assisted, self-sufficient, human-machine readable ontology management solution. This workflow seamlessly allows building, scale up and managing information systems.


Ontology As A Service includes bespoke taxonomy development, enabling transitioning the taxonomy into an ontology for machine learning solutions, crosstalks that allow for standardization and much more.