Research Integrity ToolKit

Empower your research integrity efforts with an AI-powered toolkit that
streamlines the publishing workflow and enhances the author experience.

Integration Points


Integrate seamlessly with your
existing manuscript preparation workflows, ensuring a smooth transition from writing to submission.

On Submission

Leverage our platform’s robust
tools to streamline the submission process, track
progress, and manage revisions with ease.


Maintain control and visibility
over your published work, with
features to monitor usage, share updates, and engage with your audience.


RI Enterprise Checks

Comprehensive technology solutions to automate and streamline research integrity checks across the publication lifecycle.

Author Ease

User-friendly tools and guidance to help authors ensure their work meets research integrity standards from the start.

Author Ease (RI)

Specialized author support features focused specifically on research integrity, including selfassessment and remediation.

Editor Ease

Intuitive editorial workflows and decision-support to efficiently evaluate and uphold research integrity during peer review.

Research Integrity Checks

Our platforms provide human-assisted deep checks focused on research reproducibility, transparency, and integration with best-in-class external tools. This ensures robust validation of research integrity across the publication lifecycle.

Seamless Integration

The platforms seamlessly integrate with your existing workflows, allowing for a streamlined research integrity process without disrupting your daily operations.

Platform Features - Author Ease

Manuscript Format Suitability

Automated checks ensure manuscripts conform to target journal guidelines, improving submission readiness.

Smart Templates

AI-powered templates with intelligent formatting and stylistic suggestions streamline the writing process.

Contextual Feedback

Real-time AI analysis provides authors with insights to enhance content, citations,
and integrity.

Platform Features - Author Ease

Early Possible Research Integrity Signals

Our platform proactively identifies possible research integrity concerns, equipping authors with the insights needed to address issues before publication.

Inline Corrections

Authors can seamlessly make corrections to their work directly within the platform, guided by realtime feedback to uphold research integrity standards.

Draft Management

Our comprehensive draft management tools help authors stay on top of their work, allowing them to easily track changes and collaborate with colleagues.

Platform Features - Editor Ease

Research Integrity Signals

Editors can easily access key signals about a manuscript's integrity, such as authorship, citations, funding sources, and any retractions.

Plagiarism Checks

The platform integrates with external plagiarism detection tools to help editors thoroughly screen submissions for potential plagiarism issues.

Image Verification

The platform also interfaces with image analysis applications to validate the originality and integrity of figures and illustrations

Streamlined Peer Review

Editors can manage the peer review process seamlessly, tracking reviewer feedback, trust markers, and other key metadata.

Content Checks

Automated checks to verify the completeness and accuracy of submitted content, ensuring a seamless editorial review process.

Image Checks

The platform integrates with external plagiarism detection tools to help editors thoroughly screen submissions for potential plagiarism issues.

Reference Checks

Robust reference verification capabilities to confirm the accuracy and formatting of in-text citations and bibliography.

External Integrations & Success Stories

Molecular Connections’ Research Integrity platform has enabled numerous authors, editors, and publishing professionals to enhance the integrity and quality of academic research. Our success stories highlight
the tangible benefits our solutions have delivered, from improving manuscript screening to enhancing the peer review process.

By seamlessly integrating with existing publishing workflows, the Research Integrity platform has empowered researchers and editors to uphold the highest standards of scholarly communication.

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