Editorial Services

Data saturation is universal. With the exponential increase in data collection, it is critical to refine and manage data more than ever to ensure its meaningful application.

Our Editorial & Author Services help optimise content and data to meet your specific requirements by harnessing machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI).

Our editorial and author services include:

Editorial Services

Developmental Editorial Services

The Development Editorial Service focuses on the structure and buildout of data to ensure a clear message flow. It helps analyse the manuscript as a whole in order to make the necessary edits. For instance, removing too much material where it is not required and feeding in more where necessary. It concentrates on content, flow, writing style, and presentation. All this while keeping in mind the target audience.

Molecular Connections’ Development Editorial Service provides turnkey content production and distribution solutions to help you connect with your target audience. By delivering polished manuscripts coupled with perfect marketability, we contribute towards creating a seamless experience for your users across channels.

Editorial Services

Journal Recommendation

Molecular Connections’ AI-based Journal Recommendation System (JRS) is an advanced machine learning solution to accelerate manuscript submissions, identify the right journal, and reduce rejection rates. It is a publisher-neutral journal selection service that is designed to solve the problem of publication for many authors and editorial teams by simplifying the process of discovering relevant journals and efficiently automating the process.

The Journal Recommendation System is structured to deal with information overload by providing users with personalised content and services based upon their preferences. The system helps users with decision-making while interacting with a vast amount of data by providing relevant insights. The system can be easily adapted to any domain, making it a win-win for both authors and publishers.

  • Customizable domain types
  • Scalable architecture
  • Easy to integrate APIs. Compatible with any platform
Editorial Services

Journal Alerts

Molecular Connections offers a unique ML-powered alert solution to help publishers notify members and users of recent published journal articles and manuscripts that are relevant to the users.

Our ML-based alert system provides effective personalised alerts without overwhelming users with hundreds of recommendations and makes for an excellent, up-to-date, scalable, quick to integrate, and feedback inclusive solution. The technology is designed to provide an adaptive, high throughput solution for user alert and topic preference management offerings.

The system connects content and user behavior, simplifying approaches used for suggesting relevant alerts.

  • Plug and Play content acquisition systems
  • Scalable
  • Intelligent Search and Retrieval
  • Integrated workflow components allowing decision support and feedback ingestion
Editorial Services

Journal Cascade

Molecular Connections’ flagship Journal  Cascade (AI-assisted transfer desk) helps STM publishers identify and bridge gaps in the incoming manuscript distribution across publications with the help of assist metrics and insights on contributors. The platform enables the editorial team to arrive at critical decisions with the help of metrics and insights on contributors and boast internal efficiency and productivity.

Editorial Services

Keyword Recommendation System

Molecular Connections’ Keyword Recommendation System (KRS) is an efficient solution that provides the most relevant keywords attributed to the content they are trying to consume, use, browse, or submit.

Exploiting the recent advances in “deep learning”, MC provides a flexible solution that can cater to various contexts. It works on a collaborative approach by collecting and processing large amounts of data from various sources. It helps in extracting appropriate keywords and receiving the most accurate and personalised recommendation list.

  • It’s easy, quick and a definitive utility.
  • Better your manuscript submissions (in the case of the portal/application that allows submissions of fresh content).
  • Recommends pertinent content.
  • It sets up alerts based on recommendations of keywords/concepts.

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