Semantic & Web Discovery

With the exponential growth of data, effective information management has become one of the key business requirements across organizations. Using appropriate keywords and adding metadata to a product/service that is available online, makes it easier for the end user to discover it. Our discoverability services include:

Our Semantic & Web Discovery Services Include

semantic web discovery

Structure Markup Compliances

On pages where structured data applies, the markup is incorporated into the in-page coding. The logical structure of the data on the page must reflect the information contained within.

Molecular Connections provides Structure Markup Compliance services, which are standard formats for providing information about website pages and classifying the content of those websites. 

Key Features:

  • Schema-compliant Structure Structured data in JSON-LD.
  • Data is structured following Google’s quality guidelines.
  • Data structure that is highly accurate and comprehensive.


  • A website that is SEO-driven and ranks at the top of search engine results pages.
  • An impressive business markup displays your information clearly.
  • Getting your website indexed by top search engines such as Google.
  • Your content’s market relevance is always up-to-date with this easy and dynamic service.
semantic web discovery

UX services

Products and experiences that are pleasant to use can be created by UX services. We help leading companies and startups enhance their content creation capabilities and utilise digital marketing initiatives to achieve their business goals.

Key Features:

  • Wireframe Conceptualization and Mockup.
  • Research on user behavior.
  • High-scrupulous designs.


  • Build a compelling presence on digital media.
  • Value enhancement for brands.
  • Enhanced user communication.
  • Customized deliverables Digitized experiences that define the future.
semantic web discovery


The accessibility of a website requires that it employ technologies and tools that assist people with disabilities with their perception, understanding, participation, navigation, and overall experience with the site.

  We believe it is very important for all organisations to incorporate the accessibility factor in order to ensure a better approach for their people and increase engagement. In our process, we adhere to the four POUR principles: perceived, operable, understandable, and robust. 

Key features :

  • A tool to help you determine how effective your accessibility attributes are.
  • Compliance with web accessibility standards and regulations.
  • All users will have a rich and diverse web experience.
  • Structures such as menus, search boxes, and site maps are presented in hierarchical navigation.

Benefits :

Providing accessibility to the web is a moral obligation. As well as the fact that it overlaps with many other aspects of website quality, such as SEO, adding to its value.

  • Providing individuals with disabilities with easy access to the internet.
  • The user experience is enhanced, as is quality control.
  • Integrated accessibility throughout the entire process of planning and designing the site, as well as throughout subsequent projects.
  • Ensure that the site is in compliance with appropriate standards.

Content search relevancy

Content search relevance is of critical importance to organisations as it links directly to search engine optimization (SEO). It is one of the top factors that impacts the way in which a website corresponds to a search query. A host of content elements, including, but not limited to, images, videos, text, titles, and tags, are responsible for content search relevancy.

Key Benefits of Content Search Relevancy:
  • Increased click-rates.
  • Enhanced user experience.
  • Establishes the concerned organization as a thought leader within its specific industry.
  • Generation of authentic and credible content.

Molecular Connections’ Content Search Relevancy team delivers holistic content solutions by ensuring best SEO practises and targeted keyword search to identify appropriate words relevant to search terms. Our aim is to secure the superior positioning of your content in the search results.

Content Structuring

Content Structuring is gaining relevance as people are consuming content in various ways and they need information faster. Content structuring leads to creating “intelligent content” by breaking it down into smaller fragments that provide information on content type. Each of these fragments holds a meaning by giving specific pieces of information. This leads to better rankings, the mixing and re-mixing of content, improved readability, reusability, and organic search visibility. 

The Following Are the Primary Advantages of Content Structuring:
  • Makes content more discoverable.
  • Enables multi-channel publishing as well as easy access on emerging platforms.
  • Facilitates content monetization.
  • Leads to targeted marketing Increased response rates.
  • It provides better analytics.
  • Leads to increased productivity and personalization.

Molecular Connections’ team of technical writers uses expert software to support you in building clear content structures using semantic analysis. This helps provide your users with the best online content experience. Because we have a thorough understanding of the ever-changing and evolving consumer search behavior, we can provide you with turnkey content structuring solutions.

Schema markup

While structured content helps greatly with SEO, schema mark-up adds definition to such content when implementing technical SEO on a website by amplifying descriptions that appear in search results. Owing to its consistent semantic vocabulary, it helps a search engine understand a website’s content and context by amplifying rich snippets displayed under the page title, thus, providing you with an edge over your competitors.

Key Benefits of SEO and Compliance:
  • Increased website traffic
  • Increased visibility on search engines.
  • Improved search engine ability to crawl the client’s website.
  • Enhanced user experience.
  • Improved ranking and click-through rate.

Molecular Connections offers advanced SEO and Compliance services to make sure you are driving the results you want. Our experts help identify the appropriate tagging and coding that fits perfectly with the information on your page, leading to search engines returning more informative results and ensuring an intense user experience

Content Store

A Content Store is a virtual depository for managing data. As well as modifying the storage and retrieval times of your data, you can also control who has access to read and write your database. Physically installing anything is not necessary, it will be downloaded from the cloud.

We offer an introspective conceptualization of data management with the Content Store that ensures a comprehensive, unified orientation of resources, irrespective of their emplacement.

Key Features :

  • A Safe and Reliable Data Environment
  • Endeavor data in real-time.
  • A portfolio of end-to-end resolutions.
  • Protected and cyphered communications.
  • Persistent retention policies that are tailored to the individual.


Our content store provides end users with easy access to data. A centralised system for backing up and restoring databases and files. The system we use against malicious software is robust and data secure. Content Store administrative unit can be used to deposit the most valuable information with content-based retention. By extending this functionality, you can create and customise the information you want to reserve, including information for legal, conformity, or analytical purposes.

How does it work?

Through Content Store, data can be moved seamlessly between cloud, mobile, and software platforms.The data is indexed, retrieved, and analysed to generate content. Users and applications alike are able to securely share this content.

Semantic Technology

Our world is experiencing exponential change. Now that everything is digital, the world is interconnected. Society is transforming into new economic models due to the widespread presence of the Internet of Things(IoT).

  Our company believes that agile organisations will be built on digital assets that are delivered economically through the use of emerging technology as part of their innovation strategy in the future.

Molecular Connections (MC) is one of the largest platforms for data analysis. With our services, we can analyse your texts, documents, and video clips in an efficient, accurate manner. In the days prior to machine learning, information was evaluated using our intuition and knowledge. Now that semantics is at our disposal, it is more powerful than ever before.

Key Features :

  • Evaluate the benefits of adopting cognitive technologies.
  • Predictive models for inferring trends from existing facts.
  • Conquer any barriers to effective changeover. 
  • Integrating linked data into existing data streams.
  • Making observations correlative.
  • Maximize the value of the data.


Linked data is meant to help find new data streams by connecting existing ones. Improve content’s understanding and potential through our services:

  • Content Recommendation
  • Content Store
  • Content Classification
  • Semantic Data Modelling

Don’t let your data stagnate or become stagnant. Let the course of our service make the data more relevant:


How does it work?

Proprietors can better engage with their audiences through our data-driven solutions. Whether it’s traditional, social, or digital, we help organisations tell their stories effectively. 

Semantic Fingerprinting and Enrichment

Semantic Indexing makes content smart. By including semantically related keywords, it enables a machine to interpret large bodies of content available for human consumption, giving search engines a better understanding of content. Sematic indexing adds a layer of metadata to the existing content in order for a machine to decipher and build connections to it both structurally and topically.

Key Benefits of Semantic Indexing:
  • Ease of search and discoverability.
  • Increased search engine rankings.
  • Enhanced connectivity between the content and the user.
  • Related content linking.
  • Generation of targeted advertising.

Molecular Connections’ Semantic Indexing Service adds value to your content by letting machines find, filter, and connect the information your content carries. It increases search functionality, thereby making your content more useful to both users and search engines.

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