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XML Parser

Almost all journals use this XML tag set to model their articles. A JATS article is defined by a variety of XML attributes and elements.

The JATS XML conversion services we offer are designed to provide you with a suitable solution for your research work data, which can become overwhelming.

Key Features :

  • Data privacy is safeguarded by cutting-edge technology.
  • Good conversion practice.
  • Create outputs that are scalable.
  • Digitally-created quality content.
  • Optimized tags and accuracy

Benefits :

We offer experienced data conversion specialists to tackle any hard conversions, creating relevant studies from manuscripts, books, journals, and articles. A wide range of domains can be quickly converted to JATS DTD and XML format.

  • Streamlined data for improved efficiency.
  • Data structures that are complex can be simplified.
  • Accessible data from multiple publishing systems.
  • The convenience of online publishing.

How does it work?

We begin by creating an initial script according to NCBI Standards. Tag generation using Schema. Conversion to JATS XML format. We guarantee the highest level of precision.

Web Crawler

Crawlers are automated bots that can visit every page of a website. Crawlers can be used for many different purposes, but usually they are used to find out information about the website such as which pages it has, how much content there is, and other details. The crawler must be able to follow all links from one page to another. The crawler has to visit each page on the site and download all the files in order to collect the information. We can help you with your web crawling requirements.

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