Rapid Prototyping

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Rapid prototyping

Low-Fi prototyping(paper-protoype)

Lo-fi prototyping is a fast, easy, low cost way to prototype new products. Lo-fi prototypes are also useful for communicating with stakeholders and other team members, or as an intermediate step before the production of more expensive prototypes.  Lo-fi prototypes are also good for learning about the user interface, wireframes, interactions, and usability.  

High-Fi prototyping (HTML, CSS)

A high-fidelity (also referred as high-fi or hi-fi) prototype is a product concept that is close to the final design in terms of functionality and details. This allows the team to focus on refining their product and getting ready for launch before too many features and functions are decided upon.

Wireframe Conceptualization

A wireframe is an interactive, two-dimensional illustration that shows how a web page’s components will work and what they are capable of doing. They can be used to communicate the overall design of a page to the developers, so that everyone is on the same page and can contribute in a more efficient manner.

They are not meant to be detailed, realistic, or even necessarily accurate representations of the final product. The purpose of wireframes is to communicate user experience (UX) in a way that designers can understand, and developers can implement. Wireframes are an essential part of UX design. 


A minimum viable product is often described as a “prototype” or “minimum working version”. It is often used in the software development context where an initial version of a new feature or program is produced that is sufficiently functional to demonstrate the value of the feature or program. In some cases, an MVP may not be fully functioning. For example, the initial release of an application may have only a few features and functions, but could still be considered an MVP if it allows a user to accomplish their tasks. An MVP is a good way to release a product early in the development process. An MVP makes it easier for you to validate your assumptions about product performance, and it gives you a quick way to get feedback from users. 

Deployment of solutions

Our Deployment of Solution offering is a great platform for remote deployment of solutions and applications. It can be used to remotely configure servers and install software, including the configuration and installation of applications. The following features are included in the solution: Install and configure applications on multiple servers. Configure Windows operating systems. Configure DNS records. Install and configure email servers. Deployment of third-party applications. Deployment of custom scripts. Configuration and maintenance of applications. Configuration and maintenance of servers. Server monitoring and reporting.

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