MC Miner

 MC Miner™ is an integrated, cross talking, multi-component solution for content ingestion, enrichment and exchange including;

  • A parser to ingest various forms of inputs (structured and unstructured)
  • Entity Recognition module to Identify different categories of named entities
  • Ontologies/CVs of named entities (Authors, Topics, Institutions, Places etc., With standardizations)
  • An AI based clustering algorithm for automated clustering of similar named entities
  • ML rule based engine to influence the said clustering via plug and play user inputs
  • Optional component allowing for manual intervention to disambiguate semi-automated data points
  • Entity centric recommendations and similarity suggestions on the content
  • APIs to the access the linked data store consisting of the disambiguated and standardized entities from all/any of the above workflow components


Context aware and entity centric summarizations. For instance, this engine can address use cases like identifying content specifically centered around evidence based treatments for a specific disease. Create building blocks for a semantic data lake and knowledge discovery solutions Data repurposing like collection creations Content recommendations tailored for user engagement, discovery led content consumptions etc., Interested in MC Miner™ ?

Interested in MC Miner ?

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